Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've Missed This

It’s been a while. 189 days to be exact. I’m not really sure why I stopped posting to my blog. I think most of all it was lack of motivation. Yes, of course life has been hectic and busy, but it was more than that. I think I was putting pressure on myself to always come up with something interesting to post, and when I didn’t have anything exciting to write I would wonder “who in the world would want to read about the trivial details of my life and look at pictures of my kids over and over again?”

But I’m feeling that tug again…that desire to try and capture those special little “mundane” moments that happen in our day to day living. This is such a precious time. I have my first child knee deep in the waters of middle school,a head-strong tween daughter who still wants to hang out with me (but is now wanting me to take her shopping for cute outfits and lip gloss instead of asking me to play Polly Pockets) and I have the joy of still seeing life through the wonder and innocence of a 4 year old.It’s a wonderful whirlwind, this season of life that I’m in, and I don’t want to forget one moment. Before I know it, this house will be empty on the weekends as they’ll be out hangin’ with their friends, and Sarah will prefer to go shopping with her group of high school friends rather than with me. I want to look back on these busy days and smile at the wonderful memories we made along the way.

So here I am, right back where I started on June 7th 2007, just wanting to capture these special moments, not caring if this blog is interesting to anyone other than my family, and especially not worried if it makes for an interesting read. I’m excited to chronicle this journey of the Garland family, even if it’s just one post per month. (although I do hope to write one post per weekend, but I won’t say that out loud , as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. :] ) I even found a site where you can have your blog printed into a photo-album-like excited to do that!

So, I’m feeling motivated again, and for all the right reasons. :) Throughout this week I will be cheating a little. I’ll be backdating posts and will be updating my blog with at least one post per March, April, May, June, July and August.

There were many wonderful memories made over the last 6 months and they’re worth digging back up. Plus, Olivia’s first day of school is just around the corner…you’ve just gotta have a blog for milestones like that.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 1:6


Janna said...

In answer to your question “who in the world would want to read about the trivial details of my life and look at pictures of my kids over and over again?” that would be ME! I love seeing your kids - they already look so much taller and older than when I found your blog. I'm thrilled you'll be blogging again! :)

Glory Laine said...

Hip Hip Hooray! So excited. The pictures of Olivia just cracked me up.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you are wanting to blog again. I will tell you that I feel the same way about my blog. It is probably so boring to everyone else, but it's my life, with my kids. It's what happens to us, and I enjoy documenting it. What's better is that my husband and I love to go thru our "blog books" (the ones I created and had printed) of the last 3 years. You should definately invest the time and money into it!
There is so much that happens that is not super exciting, but it's life.
So much of my family lives out of state and they love to read the blog (most don't comment...but I don't care).
I never feel pressured to write on the blog about my kids...but I felt the same way you did on my blog about my life. It's hard to be deep and insightful all the time.
I hope it works out that you get back into it and enjoy it. I really always do love reading and seeing pictures on your blog. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Oh and your kids are getting so big!!! I can't believe it!

Tiffany said...

I was wondering where you went! Glad you are back - I like to read the mundane details. Not to worry. I have felt the same pressure. I've considered (after a break) of starting up my blog again but making it private so it is really just for me - a journal of sorts, and a "record" of the little things we tend to forget. We'll see!

momaof4 said...

So glad your back!!! I love reading about other crazy lives ;)

Even if it is only ever 6 months!!

Ann Wunsch said...

Liz, I found you from the email that your dad sent about Ben, to your mom's to your blog!

Who would think that the babysitter who pretended to eat goldfish out of the girls' fish tank would today be this incredible woman of God?

Actually we saw something special about you even then! We are excited to have your family at WCS this year! Wow!

God bless and thanks for the many blessings of browsing your blog!

love, Ann

February Jill said...

My friend I've never met! I am glad you are back.

Your post about Daniel made me cry. hope all is well with your family and I'm glad to get to hear a little about you guys again!


Angela said...

I am feeling the tug too!
So excited to see you have been updating! I miss you guys so much!

Stefanie said...

Hurray. I just peeked at you tonight with curiosity, since you have been commenting on Becca's blog...I thought..."I wonder...". And lo and behold, there you were again.

I missed you and your family - are you kidding?! And don't worry about commenting. That's the part that gets me sometimes - the guilt.

It feels good to look fast and just be caught up:)