Monday, June 30, 2008

June in Review

In honor of the last day of June, I thought I'd share some pictures I've taken over the last few weeks.I spent a whole week in Las Vegas with my work (blech!). I thought about taking a picture of myself in the mirror each morning to display my wonderful outfits for you all, but decided against it. I felt a little too vain. But I did have to dress nice each day. That got old after the 2nd day. And I have a guilty confession to make: I packed 8 pairs of shoes. Ridiculous, I know! But I did wear a different pair each day, and had a pair of flip flops to wear at night. This is the only picture that got taken on my camera while I was there. This is a group of debaters from Singapore that IDEA (my organization) sponsored to compete in the NFL National Tournament. Yep, that’s right folks, the National Forensic League National Tournament was two weeks ago. What? You missed it! I’m shocked. Actually, I saw my first Lincoln-Douglas debate and was quite impressed.

On to more important happenings...

Sarah caught two fish all on her own!
Daniel had no such luck.
Olivia caught this little guy all on her own. Seriously, the fish was in the water close to the shore, and she just reached in and grabbed it! She kept saying, "I caught him with my bare hands!"She then carried the fish around for about an hour or so. I kept telling her to put him back in the water, but she said, "no, he needs fresh air". And then later, without warning, she hucked it into the water, and said "he needs his mommy now". The poor, dead fish just slowly sank under the water. So cruel, I know. Please don't report us to PETA.I like my catch the best.These city kids had a blast visiting our good friends who live out in the country. Jon's cousin, Duane, so kindly offered to let Daniel drive his lawnmower. Oh my goodness, they were thrilled! I was scared out of my mind. I was sure he was going to drive into a tree or through their house.
Nothing says summer like a BBQ with friends and family I can't believe how this month has just flown by!

Looking forward to enjoying many more relaxing, sunny days with my family...there's nothing better.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

And So It Begins!


Daniel and Sarah had their first swim meet of the season

Sarah starting her backstroke race

She was neck and neck with this girl the whole way, and inched past her at the end!

Sarah blew away the competition in freestyle!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Jon is cheering Daniel on to the finish of his race.Olivia had the luxury of watching the races from the comfort of the kiddie pool. Of all the sports the older kids do, swim team is Olivia's favorite. There's ususally a kiddie pool at each of the pools the kids compete at...So she loves going to the swim meets!

My 3 kiddos...they are growing up so fast!