Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Joy

Our precious Olivia Joy, now two and a half years old. She is a fireball, a pistol, a bundle of energy.

Life would be so dull without her, so predictable, so easy. Without her, I would just sit in my chair, quietly, through all of the baseball games and swim meets. Without her, I would burn only half the calories that I do now. Without her there would be no stains on the carpet, no crumbs in the car. Our home would be void of the outbursts of laughter, and the dinner table would be quiet and peaceful. Which is why I am so thankful God blessed us with our precious Joy-Joy! Jon started calling her Joy-Joy when she was just a few months old, Daniel and Sarah picked up on it, and starting calling her that as well. Pretty soon, we were calling her Joy all the time. It was easier and it just fit her so well! A few months ago, I said, "Olivia come see mommy" and she adamantly replied, "I not Lifia, I Joy!"
So we're trying to not call her Joy as much, so she can learn her real name. But it's so hard not to, because she really is our little Joy.
These pictures were taken just yesterday, when she not so sweetly demanded to be wrapped in a blanket after her bath. Which is why I am currently reading "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. Dobson, I have never highlighted a book so much in my life!


Angela said...

I just want to squeeze her! What a blessing she is!

ninja said...

shes adorible!!! She looks like a giant baby. i cant wait to see her grow!

Sarah said...

she is adorible!!!she is my best sister ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Glory Laine said...

Oh the plans God has for that little one. I sometimes call Phoebe, Joyful. She'll love reading this when she's older. Oh and I love that Sarah left a comment.

Rachel & Family said...

What a great pictures. She has the most beautiful eyes. I've got that book!!!