Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Kind of Weekend

This last weekend we went camping with some good friends of ours, and had such a fun, relaxing time. Lucky for us, our friends brought their boat and we all enjoyed hanging out on the lake as much as possible. Daniel getting ready for take off... And he's off!
He kept yelling, "measy, measy!" A word he made up for in between easy and mediumAnd Sarah kept yelling, "faster, faster!"
My friend Arminda and I getting ready to be whipped around the lake. Her husband, Will, DID NOT take it easy on us. My neck and shoulders are still sore!Even Olivia got to go for a ride!She was a little traumatized after her 1st tubing experience. Luckily her good friend Dewey was there to comfort her afterwards. Jon showed off his moves!And he was also quite proud of his flame-broiling bacon skills. He is now referred to as "The Wilderness Man"

We all had such a wonderful time. I absolutely love being in the outdoors! On the top of my "most favorite things list" is diving off a boat in the middle of a lake. Oh man, there's nothing better! Jon and I had so much fun jumping off the boat with the kids and swimming around. It took a while to convince Daniel there were no sharks or pirhanas prowling around in the dark, deep water. After we threw him in a few times, he eventually got over it and enjoyed swimming around.
The funniest part was when we were out in the middle of the lake and Daniel had to go to the bathroom. Jon and I were like, "just pee in the lake." Daniel FREAKED out in disbelief..."What? Ewww gross! It will get on my swim trunks!" Finally, when he realized we weren't going to drive the boat back to the dock so he could use the bathroom, he swam far away from us and let loose. And oh boy, after that both him and Sarah thought that was the coolest thing ever! They couldn't believe we would let them do such a thing! I swear every 10 minutes, one of them was happily exclaiming, "I'm peeing right now!" I guess that's what happens when you take city kids camping :)
Good times!
It definitely was a perfect weekend...Spending the day on the water, soaking in the sun, sitting around the campfire, making smores, all 5 of us sandwiched in a tent, and spending time with good friends. And of course their dog Dewey was the highlight of the whole weekend. Ahhh...good memories! I'm ready to do it all over again.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Do you remember when Olivia cut her own hair a few months ago? Well, when her hair is down this is what it looks like:The other side of her head is shoulder length hair. It was only the left side that got completely chopped off. So thanks to Nikki, aka the miracle worker, now it's a cute and EVEN chin length bob!I think it turned out pretty darn cute