Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing Along

This is for you Meghan, Ona, Valerie and Rachel. I read all of your 8 random things and also those annoying words, "if you've read this, then tag you're it". So after being inspired by Becca's capitulation to pressure, I thought I'd play along too.

1. I have a tatoo.
I got it when I was 18 just because I could

2. I've been skydiving
my favorite part was standing out on the leg of the plane...and letting go!

3. I jumped off a 60 ft. bridge ("the steel bridge") into the North Fork river when I was 12, just to show off to my older brothers and all the other guys standing around contemplating it. This became my favorite thing to do every summer with friends...oh to be young again! (the picture below is not the steel bridge, but the cement bridge, which was where we would get warmed up, and yes that's me in mid-air)

4. I have been to nine countries: The Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, and of course, Canada and Mexico.

5. I've eaten balut (a fertilized chicken egg with a nearly developed embryo inside)

6. I've eaten dog.
My apologies to all you dog-lovers out there. I didn't know I was consuming canine until after the meal was over, and I curiously asked the Filippino woman what type of meat was in the red sauce she served us over rice.

7. I love man movies
Gladiator is my all-time favorite, Braveheart is a close 2nd, and I love war movies

8. I dream about living in a foreign country and serving as a full time missionary with my husband and kids.


Angela said...

This is good Liz!
The egg makes me want to BARF!
And my fist memory of North Fork is your husband pushing me off the bridge. My ears hurt for 2 days! :)
Miss you!

Rachel & Family said...

I have to agree with Angela...yucky egg!
But the rest is so wonderful. What a brave, daring, giving, traveling woman you are!
I just finished reading The Poisonwood Bible and your pictures of the Philippnes (I assume) tear at my heart strings, even more than normal. Kudos to you for all you've done and will continue to do for others....and whatever this music is on your blog is making me all emotional as I type...nice....

Meghan said...

Ok, the egg, DISGUSTING! I'm having a hard time holding it all together right now after seeing the picture! And, you ate dog? I was relieved to hear you didn't realize it. You, my dear, are a BRAVE girl! Thanks for joining the 8 random things buzz, it's fun to learn random things about one another....yours are the most interesting!!

Julie said...

You are a "Wild At Heart Woman"!! Curiously, you sound a lot like Sharon... except for eating dog... well, I don't know! Maybe she would do that, too!

Glad you're back, I missed reading your blog! We should all do the random thing post, it's fun!

Michelle said...

That egg is so gross!!!!! You are one crazy girl! :-)

Ona said...

Wow...you are a very adventurous gal!!! So, glad people are taking the plunge with the "tag". Learning so much about people.

Lindsay said...

Love that you have pictures for your list!! :)
(the egg was a little much)

Hope you're having a great week!!

Shauna said...

Hey Liz...

Loved your post! I have also eaten Balut when Duane and I went to the Philippines. I think I was the only girl who dared to eat it! Brings back memories of an awesome place and an awesome experience.

Shauna said...

Okay, it's me again...

I am dying to know what your tatoo is and where is it? You are such a rebel! :)

LizzyG said...

You rock! I'm so proud of you for eating balut too! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go back to the Philippines together someday?

The tatoo....well, it's pretty stupid really. Janna and Heidi went with me :)
And it's just a small sun on my hip. My deep thinking on that one was, people would only see it when I was in my swimsuit, which was my
favorite place to be: In my swimsuit, out in the sun, swimming and enjoying summer!

It's good to hear from you. I miss you!

Stefanie said...


Well I thought we were kindred spirits, and I don't doubt we would be fast friends - but after all that I realize we are very different:). I hate flying (although I do it) and have seen that bridge, and would never have been able to do it!! I envy your adventurous/BRAVE spirit! You looked like a real itty bitty thing at 12! I bet you made those boys look wimpy:)

PS - If we ever want to do a BLOG party - my house is available. Becca can pack a van and show you the way...

Leslie said...

I had to come on over after you commented on Julie's random post-since you said you were afraid you revealed too much-I had to come on over and see for myself :)

The balut....super brave. Once we tried cow tongue and I couldn't even stomach the first bite. It was sort of a challenge for my girls and I to eat it and so I made my oldest daughter eat my piece-I'm a great mom huh?

I can't blame you for eating the dog. We have a little Pug over here, I wonder if Pug is good and tender meat? He doesn't exercise very much, so I should think so!

Glory Laine said...

I agree, so brave of you. I'm up for a party too. But it will be tricky with Sharon's trip and the holidays comming AND Stef is having a baby after that. I say we try to squeeze something in.
I am so glad we all did the eight things.

Jennyth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennyth said...

Can I ask what the egg tasted like? My gag reflex is in full force, but really, I can not IMAGINE what compelled you to eat it...unless it was a promise of amazing delicacy that can't be measured.

Amazed and nauseated. :)

(Sorry, I just posted and deleted, I had words in typo that didn't make sense.)

LizzyG said...

It wasn't all that bad. It was boiled, so it was warm and soft. I tried not to look at it, because you could see the eyeballs and beak.
And what compelled me?
"If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. For Christ's love compels us" 2 Corinthians 5:13,14

We were invited to have dinner in a family's home which was made of a dirt floor and stick walls. Balut is considered a delicacy in the Philippines, and they had spent most of their week's income to serve it to us. We were there to serve and be the hands and feet of Christ. My favorite part of that trip is that we lived and ate:) the same as the people we were ministering to. We were at their level and in their element, which I believe made our ministry to them so much more effective.

PS - I'm getting ready to do a ton of housework, and I'm excited to play the Mars Hill sermon from your husband's blog while I clean!

Sharon said...

1. Not a tatoo girl myself~ I find that my taste changes too much. But I bet your little sun is adorable!

2. Me too!!! Skydiving in Hawaii! One of the best things I've ever done! Now I use the story for Christian youth talks called "Dive In!"

3. I totally went bridge/cliff jumping in my younger days. Totally fun!

4. Awesome travel experiences! Except you've actually been to 10 countries. Do you know which one you forgot?

5. Just needs salt! : )

6. Just needs salt! I prefer lab over greyhound.

7. Some girlfriends and I went to Gladiator in the theater when it came out. That's my kind of chick-flick!

8. You would be so wonderful at this! Wait and see~you never know what God has in store! That's exciting!

Sharon said...

And I'm SO in on cocoa night at whomever's house!

LizzyG said...

Chalk up one more blog-friend bond: skydiving! Amazing.

Which country did I forget?

And I know it's illegal and all, but wouldn't it be fun to jump off that bridge just one more time?

And yes, I'm in for cocoa night too!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy (I just like typing that), well! I think your post changed slightly from what you wrote on mine. Why did you delete the part about the time you went steaking at the Super Bowl or repelled down the Empire State Building in January wearing a bikini?? ;)

I'm glad for the clarification with the dog part, though. I do understand the "eat what is given to you" thing while serving as a missionsary. Albeit scary for our American tastebuds and may require a trip to a hospital (which, in a third world country is much scarier than anything that may be put on your plate!!)

The last picture is sort of a white girl version of "Where's Waldo". I won. I found you. ;)

Joshua & Valerie said...

The country which you forgot is a country to which you have visited many times. Many times. Many times.

I've been there a few times myself.

Jennyth said...

Thanks Liz for your explanation, That is SO MOVING. Convicting too. I live among many other nationalities and when we have potlucks I always chose American food, cause the other food scares me.

Cool that you found Jeremy's blog. He doesn't post much, but when he does I always love what he has to share.

Have a great week/weekend!

Arminda said...

Wait. You have a tattoo?!! The complexities of Elizabeth Garland. I really like these pics, by the way.

Shauna said...


That would be awesome to go back to the Philippines together with Jon and Duane and even the kids someday!

Meghan said...

As gross as the Balut looks, you shouldn't remove it from you blog...especially after I read about how the family had spent most of their week's earnings to serve it to you, what an honor!

I'm enjoying a little Rod Stewart while I type this...I love your music!

Kim said...

I found your blog through Becca's... and have enjoyed reading about your family. Your stories about homeschooling are amazing - a friend of mine has made a product that would be amazing for you to be able to document those memories and share with your kids someday... it's called a memory box. http://thememorybox.net/

Anyway - all of that just to tell you that I've enjoyed your blog... except for the picture of the egg!!

February Jill said...

Wow! Everyone's 8 things should be so amazing/disgusting/fun! Thanks for sharing. Jill

Rachel said...

Okay, I know you haven't blogged for a week...but I have to say the new updated profile picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I have to have far away shots too look like I have great hair...but you really do!!!!
I hope life's been treating you well!!

Glory Laine said...

Thanks for the challenge. It might happen for me this afternoon. I too have endo and mr. heating pad has had me glued to the couch the last few days. It's times like this I just want it all ripped out!
(Look how many comments you got on this post!)

Anonymous said...