Sunday, February 22, 2009

Proud Mommy

I remember those moments when Daniel and Sarah were in Pre-School and they would be up on the big stage singing in their Christmas programs. I clearly remember sitting in the audience, with a lump in my throat, my eyes welling up with tears, and that feeling of being so proud of my kids overwhelming me. Well, for those of you who haven't had the joy of raising kids past the first grade yet, let me tell you that feeling never goes away.

My sweet Sarah decided she wanted to learn how to sew. Her grandma gave her a sewing machine for Christmas and I enrolled her in a sewing class. Last Monday when I picked her up from class, this is what she made:
In case you're thinking I helped her, think again! I can barely sew a button on a shirt, and have no idea how to even thread a sewing machine. She did this all on her own.
Daniel...ahh Daniel, how do I say this? Well, something that has always bothered me is Daniel is quite often misunderstood by those around him. For some reason he comes across different to people than the person he really is; the person Jon and I know him to be. Daniel is compassionate and full of kindness. His soft heart prompted us to adopt this cat. Now, Jon and I DO NOT like cats. But due to Daniel's persistence and constant plea for justice and humanity, we took in this stray cat. Since then, this cat has become Daniel's best friend. She only likes to be in Daniel's room and always goes in and sleeps with him at night (I put her out in the garage after Daniel goes to sleep and then let her back inside in the morning before he wakes up. Shhh...don't tell. I love my clean carpet too much, and would probably kick this cat to the street if I ever found a wet spot on the carpet.)
Another proud mommy moment has been hearing the sounds of TobyMac boomin' from Daniel's room. TobyMac is his all time favorite, we listen to him on the way to school and any time we drive anywhere at all. Recently, Daniel even took one of his TobyMac CDs to school for his teacher to play during class free time! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know my pre-teen son thinks Christian music is cool...Here's to hoping that never goes away!

Olivia, she is what fills with our home with laughter. Unlike Daniel and Sarah at her age, Olivia spends her week days with someone other than me. I think it must be hard for a four year old to spend a few days a week with Grandma and learn that you have to obey your Grandma too. But she has done wonderfully, and I'm so proud of her! I come home each week night to a big "MOMMYYY!", huge hug, and an ear to ear smile. She is such a sweet, loving girl and I'm just so proud of how well she's adjusted since I started working full time.
And yes, these mushy pride-filled feelings overflow to my husband as well. He had knee surgery on Feb. 9th and has been ordered to put no pressure on his bad knee for four weeks. That means his left foot stays off the ground at all times. I can't tell you how many evenings I would walk into the kitchen and see him on crutches, hopping around on one leg doing the dishes. I would come home from work and the laundry would be done...He's quite the amazing one-legged "housewife" I tell ya. I've been quite impressed.
And, whoa...hold the phone! Literally, as I'm typing this, Jon just hobbled in the front door with Daniel and lo and behold he has a triple grande skinny vanilla latte in hand...just for me. Sigh, I just love the weekend.
Blessings to you all!