Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turning 12

On April 21, 1997 I held this little boy in my arms for the first time. I'll never forget, that same night, Jon and I praying over him and asking God to give us the wisdom we needed as parents. Today, 12 years later, we still pray for him at night. (and us) Although, I somehow think there's a little more desperation in our prayers now then there was 12 years ago. :) Isn't it amazing how you can love a moody, stubborn 12 year old just as much as you can love a sweet, adorable newborn?

He's our son and we are thankful God gave him to us.
We love you, Daniel!

For this child I prayed...So I have also dedicated him to the Lord; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord. ~1 Samuel 1:27-28


momaof4 said...

Love the history in pictures...so sweet.

Tiffany said...

Ooooh you've gotta keep the potty one in mind to share with the first girlfriend he gets serious about in the future! Blackmail, baby! :)