Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thirty One and Still #1

Number one in my book anyway!
Today is my beloved's birthday.I wish so much that I could buy him the things he really wants. If we were rich, this is what I would give him for his birthday:

*A brand new black Ford F250 4-wheel drive extended cab truck with a spray in bedliner

*Season tickets to see the Yankees play in 2008 at Yankee stadium, and whenever they have a home game, we could just fly to New York and watch the game, and then fly home

*Two roundtrip tickets to Kona, Hawaii; the place he calls "home"

*A plane ticket to go see his "man love" Travis (think Turk and J.D. on Scrubs, if you've never seen it, then never mind. Jon and Travis are best friends, hence Daniel's middle name: Travis)

*A retaining wall in the back yard and the yard completely landscaped

*A $5,000 gift card to Jcrew

*A week long missions trip back to Haiti for our whole family
...........But there are some things money can't buy. Like a sweet, blog post dedicated just to you on your birthday. Just what he's always wanted!

It's amazing to me that this is what Jon looked like when I first met him, pretty cute eh?

And I thought he was the cutest looking guy around. I loved his hair, his eyes, his smile, the way he looked that first night I met him at Darrin and Duane's house that fateful spring break of '95 (actually we met once in 6th grade, but didn't really talk much). I loved his '84 blue nissan truck, his Lucky jeans, the way he looked with a baseball cap on, the way I could smell his eternity cologne when I wore his baseball jacket, and how he would belt out Hootie and The Blowfish's, "I Only Want To Be With You" to me.

I was smitten!

But now............12 and a half years later, I love his honesty, his integrity, his faithfulness, his compassionate heart, his selfless attitude, his desire to keep growing closer to God, how he literally makes me laugh at least six times a day, his devotion to his kids, his heart for missions, his desire to always be caught up on laundry, our "Office" date nights, and yes, his smile is still on the top of my list! I'm still smitten, but for much better reasons!

Happy Birthday Jon!


Angela said...

Awe so sweet. Happy birthday Jonny! Your present is in the mail!

PS Why arn't we in Vegas celebrating?

LizzyG said...

It's so good to have you back!
Our feelings are mutual about Vegas. As I was posting that picture of the boys, I felt kinda sad as I realized that was a whole year ago. Yes, it's time for another trip together!

Ona said...

That is one of the sweetest blogs. Now that is true love!

Rachel & Family said...

Happy Birthday Jon!!
I've never met your husband (mine says he's a very nice guy) but after all the wonderful things you posted about him, it sounds like he deserves to have a great birthday!!
And I can totally picture him as a JCrew guy...he has that JCrew look.
Scott, on the other hand, is more of an Old Navy kind of guy...darn it!!

Sharon said...

Happy Husband's-Birthday Day!

I love the way you described him and how your respect, love and admiration for him has grown through the years! It's always such a blessing to me to hear about marriages that are happy and healthy!

Have a wonderful day today and year ahead. And pass along my condolences for the Yankees playoff elimination. (And that's very big of me, considering I'm a Mariner's fan!)

Stefanie said...

That was a really fun "love story" to read. You guys sound really cute together. I imagine our husbands would get along well...Lots of b-days today in blog world...

Shauna said...

Happpy Birthday Jon! What a sweet post Liz. Enjoy your husband's special day!

Michelle said...

Awe.... what a nice post. It can just tell that you two are very much in love! :-) Please extend a Happy Birthday from Blog world! ;-)

Jennyth said...

Okay, I am catching up on your blog..all I have to say is...

LIZ!! I am so bummed I never really got to know you back in the day when we crossed paths on occasion at Shane and Malia's church. I love how you express yourself on your blog! Love the pics, love it all.

If we had talked much, we would've found out our true thing in commom..

.Jeremy and I also began our "love for life" relationship on Spring Break of 95! It was a missions trip through Morning Star, I think Angela was there...right? Anyway, won't go into details, I just think it's cool that we have that in common. That was the trip when I knew...I was going to marry that dude one day, and I did. Sigh.

Moving on...Happy Birthday Jon!! I'm impressed that you paint your little girl's fingernails...and proud to say if I had a girl, Jeremy would do the same thing. We've got ourselves some incredible husbands, don't we!

Also, so cool about you and Sharon meeting up...I read her blog too, but never comment, looks like I'm missing out on some bonding. Seriously, you guys are so cute!

Lots of Love from Jen Green!!

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday Jon! I can't believe he's 31...he looks SO young. Such a sweet man, and he is so lucky to have a loving wife like you Liz. I love this tribute to him.

LizzyG said...

Wow Jen! Thank you. It makes me feel so good to know that you read my blog. I obviously read yours too, as you can see your blog name under my favorites - hope you don't mind.

I know, it's funny we both lived in Salem for so many years, and yet now we've learned more about each other in the last 3 months through the web - crazy!!!

I hope someday you enable comments on your blog, I have always wanted to drop you a note and say an "amen" to all your deep thoughts. I love your authenticity, it challenges me to "stay real"

God bless your awesome family! I am so proud of you and what you guys are doing down there! And hooray for Spring Break of '95, I think that's so cool!

Angela said...

Hi Jen!
I was there on that mission trip and I remember it well. :)
I hope you guys are doing well and it is so fun to read about your awesome family!

Good evening Liz!

Glory Laine said...

Happy Birthday Jon. I have lots of fond memories from high school. You were always a bright smile to say hello to in the halls. I love the life you have made with Liz. I love that you and Matt are working together. Have a great day!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Jon!
Know that you are special - today... and EVERY day!

LizzyG said...


I hope you see your name down here and read this. I just read your latest post "unchristian", and I read your response to why you don't enable comments. That makes a lot of sense, so I'm ok with that now :)

I loved reading your post, it was like you took the thoughts out of my head and wrote them out so eloquently. Loved it!!! Thank you for sharing your heart, I'm striving for authenticity in my walk right along with you - and you my friend, are an inspiration!

Jennyth said...

Thanks, Liz!!

I really do want to have the comment section open. I had an experience where some people from my past were basically coming on and saying crazy and horrible things. At first I fought them tooth and nail, and then "submitted" to Jeremy's discernment and turned the comments off. It wasn't worth it for me to try and battle the people I have been hurt by. It was taking away from my freedom and my passion to write the way I do. Plus, once you start throwing around ideas about religion, politics, and God it stirs the pot. On one of my first blogs I had friends fighting over Bono and his impact on the Aids crisis. It's just not worth it...I blog about stuff that pushes buttons. So, for the good of everyone...I keep them off. :)

Anyways, thanks for your words, I appreciate them. I'm glad my "humanness" brings hope to others. I really am just as messed up as the next person, but am willing to put it out there.

And, thanks for listing me among your "enjoyed blogs"...I'm honored.

Okay, I'm off to work on an Art History project, I have to drive through the San Gabriel Valley and find a building that represents the classic Greek temple, take a pic, and write a paper on it. Good times!!

take care, Jen

ps Hi Ang!